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My husband and I both were software engineers by profession and I quit my job and started a business which we both are passionate about – A business which deals with plants and trees, create a greener surrounding by simple words..

Why did I quit? It begins from an early age of my life. I hailed from a small village in Kerala. During my childhood, traveling in a car was luxury. Television was not popular in our place and there were no mobile phones. Packet milk was nowhere available, but most of the houses had a cow or a goat. We kids used to play in the ground or paddy fields and drink water from the nearby well (not the boiled water or distilled water).

My parents were middle-class government servants. We were a small family running with limited resources. There were two things that I was passionate about. One was to travel to different places and the other was cultivate plants and visiting agricultural farms.

During my employment stint, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with big companies, visit different places and experience different cultures. But I was lacking something which was difficult to explain. I was afraid to disclose to my parents that I want to quit my job for a business idea that is still half-cooked.

My marriage gave me little more confidence as my husband has similar passion and interests as I have. Surprisingly my he was coming from a similar agricultural background and was then working in the IT sector and we both were passionate about gardening and farming. We used to do the gardening for our house and cultivated the vegetable plants for our use.

We decided to take cautious steps eventually quitting our job and starting something by ourselves. Due to our personal commitments, I was not able to quit my job for quite some time until a day where I decided to finally quit my job and pursue my passion.

But where to begin? We realized that most people love to see plants in their office space and at home, but their busy lifestyle and their lack of expertise were stopping them. In fact, gardening was the most popular hobby in the world and it was proven that plants and greener surrounding can be a good medication and relaxing technique for everyone. Studies show people are more productive and happier when they are surrounded by plants in their work place. We decided to work on that solution. As a first step, we started a plant nursery and then we started the company named OARplant. That was the beginning of our journey. We decided to give the indoor plants trees on reasonable rent to offices, hotels or any organizations. This will help everyone to fill their office or workplace with more greener and healthier plants. They don't need to spend a lot of money for buying plants or no more head ache for maintaining plants in the office. We will rotate the plants every month, and hence people can always see a fresh new plant in their office room. OAR by word meaning is the propeller of a ship. And in our context Own A Rented plant.

A little facts and figures about the benefits of keeping plants inside the room. about the for every 150 grams of plant tissue grown, 32 grams of oxygen are released. This is 22 liters of oxygen. From the NASA fact sheet, it tells air contains 20.95% O2 and 0.04% CO2. If you had enough plants in a room to use up all of the CO2 and convert it to oxygen, the oxygen levels would increase from 20.95% to 21%. This will improve the air quality and hence our mood and energy

Apart from OARPlant, there are other two business are in pipeline.

OAR-farm – A new platform (a beautiful mobile app) which enable anybody to start renting a farm- unit from an organic farmer and start cultivating the organic vegetables through the farmer. This will be provided with a very minimal rent.

Earn from your garden– We are introducing a new rule in gardening. We will provide the plants in the pots when it is small sapling to home maker ladies. And we will buy back with good price once it grown in good quality. Women can earn while they enjoy the gardening and these plants will be great value add in their garden.